Welcome to my writing blog, where I'll write about....whatever pleases me. But really, you'll find my poetry, quotes, snippets of stories, and recounts of things I've learned about writing and would like to share (because I like sharing, and information sharing can be quite invaluable). So, come on in, sit back, browse around, and let your mind wander through poetry and other musings of this writer. :)

About Me

Copyright 2012, Linda J. Spencer

Hi!  My name is Linda Spencer (nee Frost).  While I am a tax accountant by trade, I consider myself a creative artist by nature. I live with my two young children in a village northwest of Toronto, Ontario.  Our country property, which I call Ridgeview, provides me with ample inspiration and opportunity to explore my creative side - connecting with nature, writing, creating jewelry (Ridgeview Designs), and designing and remodelling our home.

My first memory of writing poetry (other than "Roses are red; Violets are blue..." valentine cards) was grade 5.  Growing up, I was fortunate to have English teachers who fostered my love of writing and of writing poetry in particular.  I managed to publish a few poems in various anthologies through high school and college.  Then, life got busy with a hectic career and raising a family.  As a result, my writing took a back seat to everything else. 

A few years ago, after taking a 10-year break from creative writing and focusing on left-brained thinking, I rekindled my creative side and am now focused on writing inspirational pieces. Whereas as a teenager I think I wrote more for others, today, I write for my own pleasure, taking inspiration from my own self-reflection, my friends, my family and my surroundings. And I love to share; so, here I am, with another blog to share my poems and what I learn from others about writing and poetry, and about life. 

I also write a blog about Ridgeview, and am a proud member of Georgetown Wordsmiths (a local writing group). 

My recent accomplishments include contributing inspirational poetry to SIBYL Magazine:  For the Spirit and Soul of Women (an online magazine with over 24,000 subscribers worldwide) since Dec 2011.

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