Welcome to my writing blog, where I'll write about....whatever pleases me. But really, you'll find my poetry, quotes, snippets of stories, and recounts of things I've learned about writing and would like to share (because I like sharing, and information sharing can be quite invaluable). So, come on in, sit back, browse around, and let your mind wander through poetry and other musings of this writer. :)

Quotable Quotes

My own words of encouragement:

Rain - the cleansing of the earth, but also of the soul.

If you want to know the truth, go right to the source. Don't make assumptions from what you hear from rumours.

Life is a journey - experience it, love it, share it, and dance your way through it. Don’t be afraid to explore new roads and find new paths - they may lead you to something wonderful.
(©Linda Spencer; published in Sibella, Oct/Nov 2012 issue, with My Life, My Path)

The heart is full of magic.  Open it and let the magic flow, for it is when you get to see the heart perform its magic that you will feel truly alive and blessed.
(©Linda Spencer; published in Sibella, Aug/Sept 2012 issue, with Spellbound)

You are what you will be and not what you have been.  You have a chance each day, each moment to be inspired and to create the version of yourself and your life that you imagine it to be.
(©Linda Spencer; published in Sibella, Jun/July 2012 issue, with Metamorphosis)

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