Welcome to my writing blog, where I'll write about....whatever pleases me. But really, you'll find my poetry, quotes, snippets of stories, and recounts of things I've learned about writing and would like to share (because I like sharing, and information sharing can be quite invaluable). So, come on in, sit back, browse around, and let your mind wander through poetry and other musings of this writer. :)

My Poems

One that I wrote a few years back, as a mantra, and I love the flow - I keep it close by on my desk:
(© Linda Spencer, 2009)

Breathe like the air flowing through the night
Shine like the Sun's fiery light
Move like the waves rolling across the ocean
Landing on Earth's solid ground.

My Life, My Path 
(© Linda Spencer, published in Sibella Poetry Magazine, Oct/Nov 2012 issue)

As I travel down this path that is my life,
I dream with wondrous anticipation
Of what will come my way,
Of what my next step will be.

It’s a journey that makes my heart jump
As I dance along through time.
I am intoxicated with the breath of life
That fills my heart and soul.

Like the warmth of a summer’s day,
Like the beauty of the setting sun
And the endless sky on a starry night,
This is my life.

This is my life, my journey to live -
I may not yet see the whole path;
There are many roads I could choose;
But it is my choice to make.

Yet I do not walk alone -
With friends and family by my side,
I share with them this love
That is my life.

My angels shine their light before me
And guide me down my path,
For a journey to love and cherish -
Long may it last.

(© Linda Spencer, published in Sibella Poetry Magazine, Aug/Sept 2012 issue)
It is said that to receive love,
You must first give it.
And the more you give,
The more you are open to receive.
My own heart is open,
Drawing others in to its essence.
Love flows freely from within
And extends out through my arms,
Engulfing the one in my embrace.
They hold tighter, as do I,
Not wanting to break the spell.
But they don’t know this spell I’ve cast.
They’re seduced, so unaware,
But compelled to give of their own free will. 
It is I who receives the greatest reward –
Their love enlivens my soul.
I leave them and awake the next day
I am tired, drained.
Something is missing.
But what?
In a moment of clarity I can see
That it is I who have been put under their spell:
I am overwhelmed with love
And left wanting for more.

(© Linda Spencer, published in Sibella Poetry Magazine, June/July 2012 issue)
Life sometimes takes us down a road
With lots of twists and turns,
That sometimes comes to full stops
To allow us to turn around
And go back from where we came.

I have been on this road,
Sometimes like a roller coaster
Heaving emotions up and down
And all around into knots.

A few years back I made a stop
And looked back from where I came
To discover that I had lost my true self
And I wanted to find her again.

I had to forgive this person I had become
For repressing her own dreams
And allowing others to take control.

My true purpose then came back to me -
I finally saw the beauty I have inside
And the gifts I have to give this world.

I can now say I know who I am and who I’m not
No more reacting to say what I don’t want.

But in some ways, I’m still a child,
With still so much to learn.

I’ve only just begun to climb the hill;
I’ve just begun the journey of my life. 

(© Linda Spencer, 2011)
(Published in Sibella Poetry Magazine Dec2011/Jan2012 issue)

I see through the layers
That you fight so heavily
To keep wrapped up so tightly.

I feel the tears
That fall as you sleep at night
That you cry throughout daylight.

I sense your fears
And all of your sorrow
Of what will be for tomorrow.

I feel your doubt
In things you once believed
That now you can’t conceive.

But I see the light
That will brighten up your day
Trust that it’ll come your way.

I give you faith
To dream and to believe
In all good things that you’ll receive.

I sense your joys
That you’ll know your whole life through
Just believe them to be true.

Wide Open
(© Linda Spencer, 2012)
(Published in Sibella Poetry Magazine Feb.2012)

On the wings of change you can soar
On these wings you can find so much more
Don’t close your eyes – open them wide
To see what wonders change has in store
To fulfill your life evermore

Cries for help, sounds of pain
May ring in your ears but need not remain
Don’t close your ears – open them wide
Let them hear the joyful sounds that blaze
Let them hear the wondrous songs of praise

Pain and sorrow have their place
But Light and Love are best embraced
Don’t close your heart – let it open wide
Let your heart feel what it may
Then let go the feelings of dismay

Fear and anxiety can take hold
Shutting out chances and leaving you cold
Don’t close your mind – open it wide
Let it think, create and give it power
To attract all goodness to you this hour

Indiscriminate Love
(© Linda Spencer, 2012)
(Published in Sibella Poetry Magazine April2012)
I say that I love indiscriminately,
But what does that mean?
It means that I’ll love you no matter what.
You can be near or you can be far,
And I’ll still love you.
You can feel less than you are,
And I’ll still love you.
You can envy the lives of others,
And I’ll still love you.
You can say bad things,
And I'll still love you.
You can do stupid things,
And I'll still love you.
It means that we can disagree,
And I'll still love you.
It means that you can be different,
And I'll still love you.
You can pretend to be something you’re not,
And I’ll still love you.
Even when you can no longer stand,
I’ll still love you.
I love you just as you are,
Both inside and out -
My love does not discriminate.
New Beginnings
(© Linda Spencer, 2012)

As I take a walk around the five acres
That called to me just two years before,
With overgrown bushes, dying trees,
Neglected structures calling for renewal,
I take stock of the damage
Caused by this year’s wind storms -
Small trees supporting their fallen comrades;
Poplars lying on the ground;
Snapped off low in their trunk.

I climb the windy trail to the top of the ridge
And see signs of renewed growth all around –
New grass making its way through the old dead;
Bloodroot blossoms appearing through the fallen weeds;
The forsythia trees becoming a bright yellow. 

I reach the top of the ridge and hear the frogs,
Chanting in the swamp below.
As I listen to their night time chants,
I reflect on the storms of my own life
And the damage that almost broke my marriage,
Until one fateful day last fall -
An accident that changed everything...

These signs of spring remind me that,
With each new day there is a new beginning.
As I walk these woods and see new life,
I am grateful that I too have been given
A new beginning.

Thank you Father Sky and Mother Earth -

Thank you for the gift of sight;
For the fiery leaves on autumn’s trees;
For the birds that sing their songs of hope;
For the waterways on which we float;
For clear blue skies and the warming sun;
And the moon’s light by which I pray.

Thank you for the gift of taste;
For apples and berries so juicy and sweet;
For vegetable gardens and herbs divine;
And succulent grapes that make fine wine;
For homemade pies and family dinners
Over which we love to share our days.

Thank you for the gift of touch;
For the softness of rose petals and baby’s skin;
For ocean waves and grains of sand
That massage my feet as I walk along this land;
For fallen trees and the cushioned grass -
Perfect spots on which to rest.

Thank you for the gift of sound;
For dazzling thunderstorms and lightning bright;
For the sound of rain that soothes the mind
To wash through thoughts that are so entwined;
For clouds to watch and images they create -
Products of our imagination.

Thank you for the gift of love;
For family and friends, all those I embrace;
For precious moments that make us smile;
For the beautiful people who make life worthwhile –
May their light forever shine
So brightly from their hearts.

Thank you Mother Earth and Father Sky -
For gifts of life, love and laughter;
For all of these gifts – priceless riches.

©Linda Spencer, 2012
It’s so easy for us to take for granted the things that we have and things we can do and people in our lives; often it’s only when we lose something that we take notice and realize what we had.  Take a few minutes each day to pause and reflect on all your wealth – family, friends, health, the ability to walk, talk, hear, see, think, create, touch, feel, love and be loved.  Be grateful.

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