Welcome to my writing blog, where I'll write about....whatever pleases me. But really, you'll find my poetry, quotes, snippets of stories, and recounts of things I've learned about writing and would like to share (because I like sharing, and information sharing can be quite invaluable). So, come on in, sit back, browse around, and let your mind wander through poetry and other musings of this writer. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Welcome to my blog - where I write about...whatever it pleases me to write about writing.
I'll post some of my own poetry, my quotes, quotes of others, and things I learn from my writing classes, my writing group and from what I read about writing and publishing. 

Please, come in and enjoy the musings of a poetic soul.  Browse though the pages and be inspired, with maybe even a laugh or two along the way. 


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