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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Tonight, I had the great honor of sharing at my friend's book launch in Toronto - Soar with Vulnerability, by Suzanne Letourneau.  We only met two weeks ago in San Miguel de Allende, but we instantly connected, and we shared so much in 5 short days.  She is an inspiration, and although I've only started reading her book, she has already given me much insight into its contents and message.  I look forward to completing it and sharing it with others. 

I was one of two speakers to say a few words before Suzanne got on stage.  Her media manager introduced me, reading an earlier post from my blog - "Writing to Please" (posted Oct 25/12), where I say that writing does not leave me vulnerable - it's therapy, it liberates me.  This is exactly why Suzanne wrote her book - as therapy, as a way to heal herself.

She had asked me last week to share a few words about how she inspired me, and how vulnerability affected my life.  It's quite difficult to condense hours and hours of conversation and sharing into a few short minutes on stage. While in Mexico, one question she asked me (which was a common question at the Conference):  what was my life purpose?  I couldn't answer, I didn't know...and it upset me greatly.  Then, when I got home, and reflected a bit, and read back through some poems and journals, I realized that I had just forgotten my life's purpose (or at least, what I think it is at this time...but it will evolve, as I learn more, as I receive more):  to live each day with love and joy; to make people smile; to inspire others.  I shared with the crowd, Metamorphosis.  It felt great and liberating to share :)

We each have a purpose in this life; we each have great gifts to give this world.  We only have to look within ourselves to find the answers as to what our gifts are, what our purpose is....and sometimes, we need a little help in doing that - someone to ask the right questions, the right way.  We all have a story to tell - I believe that in telling our story (stories), we help others by allowing them to identify with us, that they too may be inspired, and find strength and liberation in their own vulnerability. 

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