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Saturday, October 5, 2013

This Body

How many of you have truly taken a look at your body - its curves, its lines, its story - without judgement, but full of appreciation for all of it?  Now, a couple of years ago, I would have had difficulty doing this without judging what I saw in the mirror.  What a difference removing judgement (not only with looking at my body, but with SO many things in my life)!!!  It took forty years, but I have finally come to appreciate all of it...filled with gratitude for my body - my divine vessel in which I am afforded the opportunity to experience THIS life on Earth - I wrote this poem, in tribute.

Photo by Change Your Life Photography
This Body – My Divine Vessel
(© Linda J. Spencer, 2013)

This body carried my children for nine months
And brought them into this world with love.
The scars are witness to the beauty of the birth,
And they are beautiful.
This body has carried me my whole life with ease and grace.
Its lines and creases are testament to this life.
This body moves with grace and feels the flow of life
It lets me know when to take a break,
And when it’s ready to run full out –
And I have learned to hear what it has to say.
This body allows me to dance among the trees,
In the light of the setting sun,
And under the starry full moon night.
This body receives the light and love that feeds my soul.
Its curves reflect that love,
And reflect its light back out to the world.
This body is a divine vessel which embodies my soul

And it is perfect, just as it is.

A couple of months ago, as part of a "homework" assignment (I use the term "homework" loosely, as it was more of an experience than homework) for a program I was taking, I was to look, or rather observe, myself in the mirror for 20 minutes - naked - without judgement.   This experience, along with reading about the experiences of others in the group and seeing myself in some amazing photos by Change Your Life Photography, inspired me to write this particular poem, which I am proud to say that you can find in the Oct/Nov 2013 issue of Sibella Poetry Magazine (click on the magazine cover artwork to enter the most recent issue).  Big thanks to Jennifer Hough of the Wide Awakening Team and the Innate Abilities Group for the inspiration :)


  1. Thank you Linda for the great experience to shoot with you and for the mentions. To capture the divine vessel that you have discovered, it's a moment of change in your life and your poetry reflects this new discovery.