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Friday, January 31, 2014

River Dance

My second poem of the 2014 season published in the Winter (Feb/Mar2014) issue of Sibella Poetry Magazine...inspired by a creative writing exercise with my Georgetown Wordsmiths, focused on a water theme.  A few days before this exercise, I saw an image of the Earth's water ways, comparing it to the human brain and to a tree's root system.  Always from the heart, I thought of these images as the words poured out.  This one makes my heart dance <3

River Dance
© Linda J. Spencer

Like the arterial system of the human body
Earth’s rivers flow endless like veins across its surface,
Pulsing and breathing life into itself.

copyright 2013, Linda J. SpencerRain falls down from the heavens
And fills the rivers of life,
To continue their journey through eternity.

Like the tears we shed to release our pain
And cleanse our souls,
Rain is Mother Nature’s cleansing of the Earth.

And in the rain we dance,
Letting Mother Nature’s tears fall upon us -
Kissing our face, releasing our fears and sorrows.

As we dance along these rivers,
Our hearts pulse, filled with life;
Our bodies flow and our minds let go of control.

In this dance, we are witness to Earth’s miracles
And fall in love with Nature’s gifts -
The endless flow of life.

As we still our minds and feel with our hearts,
Through this dance we see the truth -
That we are one with all that is.

It is here, as we dance,
That we discover our own journey is endless –
Flowing freely to the end of time.

Our lives are like the rivers of the earth - ever flowing, ever changing - the journey is truly endless and is ours to enjoy fully in the moment.  Love and blessings <3

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