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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Smart Strategy to Focus Your Writing

Ever get the feeling of overwhelm with the number of ideas you have coming into your head?

Recently, I've been thinking about writing strategies.  With two blogs, two businesses, poetry, and a number of book ideas, I'm finding myself getting overwhelmed by the magnitude of writing ideas I have and that I'm not actually moving forward with anything...yet. 

However, I think I've found an effective way to focus my writing...
Earlier this week, I was listening to a business webinar about focused strategy, where the speaker spoke about a way of sifting through entrepreneurial ideas to get focused and make progress in fulfilling those ideas.  In thinking of applying these principles to my businesses, I realized that the same strategies (slightly modified) could also be applied to my writing ideas, so that I could actually prioritize them, get focused and make progress. 

At the heart of these strategies is the idea of getting out of the "noise" of the "should do's", and instead, aligning your ideas with your purpose or vision.  So, the first question to ask is:  What is your purpose?  Why are you writing this book/blog/newsletter?  What are you trying to achieve? 

Having your vision or purpose in mind gives you focus and helps you sift through your ideas and choose the ones that align with your vision or purpose.  Further, having that vision written and in front of you (I have it taped to the inside of the front cover of my notebooks - one book for each writing platform - where I draft all my writing, and refer to my purpose whenever I sit down to get writing) will help you come up with the ideas that are focused on your vision. 

For example, with this blog, my purpose/vision is to share my experiences and my insights into the writing process,  and  to share pieces that I have published.  Now, since refocusing on this purpose, I have developed a writing schedule and topics list for the next 4 blog entries...that should make the process flow more smoothly and consistently, and actually allow me to write even more in a focused amount of time. 

What are the strategies that are working for you?  I would love to hear from you. 

Happy writing!!!

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