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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Inspires You? For me, it's Dragonflies and Fall...

Don't you just love fall?  With the smell of fallen leaves, the bright colors of red, orange and yellow littering the forest floors tantalizing your senses?  Getting the chance to harvest apples and pumpkins for yummy pies?  Mmmm...this is my favorite time of year...it's also when we have an influx of dragonflies visiting Ridgeview.  These little jewels fly around our heads and rest on a bush, ledge or even the walkway.  It's no wonder I chose the dragonfly as the symbol for Ridgeview and for Ridgeview Designs - they're so present here.  They've inspired me both in life and in writing - as can be seen in this month's issue of Sibyl Magazine, where you'll find my poem "Dragonfly" on page 27, along with photo credits for my sweetie pie, Steve Di Monte (Change Your Life Photography) for taking the cover shot of this issue - of a very beautiful model who has inspired me as a single mom and friend...my cousin, Patti.

This month's issue would have been my last, had it not been for Sibyl deciding to add a special issue for December, for which I will be submitting my final poem for Sibyl Magazine.  I am grateful to my Sibyl audience of the last three years for their readership and support, and I look forward to having future issues come in my in-box every month thereafter (especially when I get to see my sweetheart's work on the cover!).

Besides Nature and Dragonflies, the beauty of the changing seasons inspire me greatly - in writing, in photography, in decorating and creating new jewelry.  I look forward to seeing where this season's inspiration takes me (besides Italy, where I am right now, for the next two weeks, gathering all kinds of inspiration!).  I wonder, what inspires you?
copyright: Linda J. Spencer, 2014
(©Linda J. Spencer)

Here, on the grounds of Ridgeview
The dragonfly hovers close to me
And finds his seat upon a post.
This jewel-red, warrior of water and sky,
Watching, curious, tilting his head
Breaking down the illusion of control
Seeing the truth that is – 
There is no control – only flow.

It is here that he plays the light
Through his translucent wings – 
Wings of flight – power to fly forward,
To carry him high in every direction he goes
Mastering the life in flight – 
Strength, courage,
Change, transcendence,
Perseverance, completion.

He turns his head toward me
Tossing a smile with his eyes, nodding
He sees the dreams that play in my head
Observing, never judging
I reach out to graze his wing,
Hoping to capture the essence of his plight
Smiling, communing
He nods to me, and once again takes flight.

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