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Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Snowing Again at Ridgeview

IT's snowing again...and I'm dancing with the music blaring from the speakers, as the snow flakes dance to the ground.  Join me in the dance :)

Snow Fairies
(©Linda Spencer, 2011)
Snow fairies are dancing in the sky,
And what a beautiful dance it is -
Swirling, twirling all all about,
Eventually landing on the ground.
Not a care do they have,
Those snow fairies many.
All they do is dance, and dance plenty -
Quickly, slowly, waiting for the wind’s direction.
By the millions they come down,
And sometime even float up, and circle ‘round.
Could watch them for hours, if not for things to do;
Join them even, into the midnight hours
As they dance to Nature’s song -
Laughing, and dancing all the while.


  1. Love the child in you shinning with the fairie snow! I am just starting a blog and will dream of publishing my poems too! Connected to all of nature is such a happy way to live!